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The Snapandmore Social Experience is the gathering in small groups to stimulate each other to gain public speaking skills.

The aim is to:

* Improve communication skills and social connections.

* Enhance public speaking for career growth and organizational development.

* Inspire knowledge exchange.

You will experience 2 drills at the gathering:

(1) The Game of Wits
(2) The Linkage Technique

IMPACT ASSESSMENT - Accountants find they're being called on to speak about advertising. A teacher to speak on banking, a production worker on transportation, etc. Everyone works their subject around to fit their knowledge. They may not give perfect talks, but they do get up, and talk in front of everyone. For some it's easy; for some it's hard, but they don't give up; they all find that they can do far better each passing week. This is thrilling, isn't it?

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We all know in the privacy of our individual consciousness, there are certain times our heart skips.

So, how has the fear of failure kept you from steps you would have taken?

You have failed many times. Seek knowledge, pursue goodness, work with the deepest of dedication, and still things go wrong.

The missteps can become overwhelming and lead you to question: is it all worth it if I could still lose in the end?

Be reminded that victory is never immediate or easy — appearing when your breaking point is nearly reached.

If you push aside your fears and stay focused on your ultimate goal, it will feed you the energy you need to power through any obstacles.

Fear is the strongest barrier between a person and the greatness they seek.

Every day, you are bombarded by subversive messages that manipulate your insecurities:

- propaganda claiming that aggression is the solution to differences;

- falsehoods insisting that you will never be worthy of wealth or power;

- distractions and deceptions pushing you to be a pawn in the games of others, instead of the master of your own.

Though the chains of fear are invisible, their hold can be stronger than the tightest metal shackles.

Kindly share your comment on how you held up inspite of fear.

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Effective leadership isn't about how fanciful you look, or the size of your pocket.

Leadership isn't a title or leadership by older age.

Leadership is Impact. It doesn't matter what level of influence, leadership grows.

And the beautiful thing is that, leadership begins with a person... Your personal leadership leads the way.

Building the real you to unleash the leadership in you is your number one assignment in the pursuit of your career.

Your success in leading YOU, determines how well you can lead others.

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“Every great work, every great accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”
— Florence Scovel Shinn

All successes are found after great difficulty. Hardships are rocks on the road to victory, threatening to tear apart your shoes and tripping you along the way.

A person becomes weary as they work on a project, and wearier with each passing moment they spend searching for its solution. Time has a way of cultivating discouragement, steadily chipping away at a person’s stamina with self-doubts and internal anxieties.

But, if winning was easy, winning would be no victory. Magnificent accomplishments require effort and perseverance. When you trip, you must stand again. The harder the journey is, the greater the reward at its end.

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