What is Expected Evolution for Cardboard in Coming Years?

What is Expected Evolution for Cardboard in Coming Years?


The cardboard is a predominant material in our lives every day and especially for the many packages that we meet: food packaging (cardboard box for hamburger or pizza, etc.) shipping container (package), product packaging (box for computer, etc.), overpack ... Can it still evolve to follow societal changes?

Consumer expectations
According to the survey institute YouGov, European consumers have several expectations for future cardboard packaging. They would like :

that these packages are more readable with a larger font in anticipation of the aging of the population;
that they are also easier to open and close for the same problem of aging of the population;
a ban on non-recyclable packaging and overpacks as they pollute the planet;
a smart packaging that informs the consumer when the expiration date arrives, which helps the sorting of used packaging and gives more information about the product in general;
the packaging size to be reviewed because it is considered inappropriate.

Cardboard evolutions already planned

The corrugated board manufacturers did not wait for the surveys to change their packaging. Indeed, they anticipated the evolution of society and changes in consumer behavior, particularly with the arrival of e-commerce. They therefore offer new services such as smart packaging or the reuse of packaging in the interest of an ever more responsible consumption of our resources.

Concretely, this translates into a very wide diversity of cardboard packaging: thanks to the rise of e-commerce, cartons no longer only serve to transport books, beauty products or clothing, they also carry products. as well as fresh fruits and vegetables! We must therefore offer all possible sizes of packaging, which leads to a customized design of cartons for each customer .

In addition, transporting fresh food requires additional protection to ensure the cold chain: a simple insulating lining is enough. The cardboard has the advantage of being able to meet all the selective criteria for very protective packaging whether for the supply with its respect of the cold chain or for the electronic components which are very fragile.

In order to meet the requirements of e-commerce, cardboard packaging is becoming faster to handle in order to facilitate the work of logisticians and handlers. Thus, the opening and closing of cardboard boxes have been redesigned for quick parceling but also to facilitate the return of products by the dissatisfied customer.

Finally, the cardboard is already able to answer many technical constraints including:

the protection against theft through tamper mechanisms;
the assurance of a very strong durability during the transport of parcels thanks to demanding test protocols;
the water resistance through the chromatogeny which seals cardboard! Just 1 ml of vegetable oil treatment per m² to make the cardboard completely waterproof  ;
the food preservation  : corrugated trays used to preserve food 3 more days with a package of other material!
You will have understood, the cardboard still has good days before him as it is versatile, innovative and powerful!