How to Sell a Car after an Accident

How to Sell a Car after an Accident


It is not easy to sell a car profitably after an accident, but in some cases it is quite possible. After an accident, the cost of the vehicle automatically decreases, although the price is directly dependent on the nature of the damage.

Seeking sales options soon after the accident is not a good solution. First, representatives of the insurance company will record information about the accident and its consequences. Only after that it is allowed to perform any actions with the car.

If an accident hit the side or frontal part, the car cannot be restored. There is also no point in repairing if the geometry of the body has changed - the “driving” of the car entails a number of serious problems, the elimination of which does not guarantee proper operation. In the case when the amount of repair is planned to be close to half the cost of the vehicle, some owners put a "swallow" in the form in which it is.

If the accident left traces in the form of dents and scratches, restoring the car to its original form is a matter of time. Most likely, the restoration work will turn out to be a big waste (for example, bodywork), but this decision will extend the life of the car.

Factors Affecting Auto Sales

A number of factors affect the outcome of the dilemma that has arisen - whether to sell the car via dealer after an accident or keep it for yourself.

Make and model - whether repair is justified by the cost of the machine upon sale (in fact, restoration work is cost-effective only for expensive brands).
Year of manufacture and degree of wear. Repair of the “old iron horse” is always more expensive, but options for installing cheap components are possible. And for the repair of new cars are often offered discounts.
The nature of the damage. In case of damage in the frontal part, body geometry or a downed electrical system, not every service is taken for restoration. A damaged trunk can be replaced with a new one.
Material capabilities of the owner investing in the restoration of the machine
Saving on the work of car mechanics. Non-serious damage can be repaired independently, but first objectively evaluate your professional skills.
After weighing all the factors, decide on further actions - to sell the car after an accident or to continue its operation after repair work.

Vehicle Valuation Methods

Before selling a car after an accident, invite an appraiser, it is better if not one. So you will hear several independent opinions about whether to sell a car after an accident, how to do it, and how much you can help out in case of a sale. But the approximate cost of the machine can be calculated independently. There are several such methods.

The method of comparative analysis. The benchmark is taken on cars presented on the secondary market and having similar parameters. But to neglect a professional assessment in this case is not worth it.
The fair value method, characterized by complexity and high cost of holding. Used by insurance companies that calculate the amount of payments. It takes into account all the factors described above (brand, year, condition, mileage, etc.).
Residual value method. It is used more often by legal entities (for example, a car was used as a taxi) when the vehicle more than paid for its market value.
After an independent or expert assessment of an emergency vehicle, it is easier to decide on further actions.

Buying a car by specialized companies

Companies specializing in buying out broken cars can help sell a car after an accident. The seller only needs to make a call and describe the damage received during the accident. The earned price, in this case, will be lower than the possible market price. After the parties agree on a compromise solution, proceed with the assembly of the package of documents, which includes:

Passport of the owner of the car;
Vehicle registration certificate;
Vehicle Registration Certificate;
Inspection ticket;
Service book (if available);
General power of attorney.
This option of selling a damaged car after an accident is suitable if the seller seeks to avoid fussiness and does not raise a financial issue.        

Car sale after restoration

This method of implementation is a “double-edged sword”, as they say. If you correctly approach the repair, from the sale of the vehicle in the future you can get a good profit. But for the implementation of this method requires orientation skills in the secondary market and machine skills.

From the ordinary motorist only payment for restoration work is required. Here you must not lose vigilance - from time to time you have to deal with paying for non-existent problems that can easily be included in the list of resolved ones. After completing repairs, check the body for uniform clearances between the parts. If this is not found, then, probably, the geometry could not be restored or not quite suitable components were used.

Selling a car after restoration, dealers should be avoided - their trained eye will detect damaged parts, which will lower the price you require for a car.

Selling a car in its current state

In this situation, the level of honesty before the buyer reaches high values. The seller submits an advertisement for the sale, describing the situation as it really is. Sometimes a demonstration of flaws to a buyer is even beneficial, but you can’t count on selling a car for a high price. If the car after the accident can still be "put on wheels", the buyer for the probable impossibility of acquiring an expensive vehicle will accept the offer.

Other options for selling cars after an accident
There is an option to sell the car to insurance companies. With the introduction of in-kind compensation, it is more profitable for insurers to have their own base of technical donors than to look for them on the side.

In Russia, a vehicle recycling program has been operating for several years. The cars that participated in the accidents, but retained the basic equipment at the same time, can be returned, having received part of the amount for the purchase of a new car of domestic production. The amount of compensation paid ranges from 50 to 350 thousand rubles.

The option of selling vehicles for spare parts is not canceled, but get ready for a lot of hassle and the time spent to complete the process.

But no matter what the damage, bring the car in a pleasant form - clean what is not repairable and wash.