How to Ride the Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are a carnival, fairground and amusement park classic. If you're keen to enjoy the thrill of a bumper car ride but aren't sure what to do, start with step one, below.


Steps -

1. Approach the line. Not all amusement parks, fair grounds or carnivals have this ride, but if they do, it's likely to be a popular one, so you'll probably to line up.

2. Pay for your ride if required. You may pay at a booth before entering the rink or the ride operator may collect money or tokens from you after you've strapped into you bumper car or dodgem.

3. Wait for the game operator to tell you it is safe to enter the ride. There will be many cars in the rink waiting to play the game. If the color of your car you want has already been taken, look for other cars in the rink. No one car is ever better than another.

4. Determine the direction of play. You will either be permitted to move around in a circular track in one direction, or you may be allowed to move in any direction.

  • Look for the presence of a center median in the center of the game; having one will often mean the cars go in a circular pattern around the track.
  • Listen out for any rules and guidelines telling you more about driving direction.

5. Put on your seat belt or lower the lap bar. This safety mechanism may differ between rides. However, they achieve the same reason: safety.

6. Drive when the announcer/buzzer says it's time to go. Push in the gas pedal as if driving a real car. Keep your hands on the wheel. There is no such thing as a clutch or brake pedal in these cars.

7. Drive around the rink. Use your car's rubber bumper to "bump" up against other players' cars as you go.

8. Watch the reaction of the other player's car's face. Most often they'll laugh or smirk, but you'll be having a great time.

9. Turn your wheel if you need to get out of a jam. The further you turn it to the right or left, the better possibility you'll drive around in a circle and get out of a tight corner. Just be careful, because on turning, you might get bumped.

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