Tips for shifting with your kids

Shifting to a new destination is not an easy task. If you have to shift with your kids then it will be a hectic task for you to finish. So here are some tips to make it easier.


Relocating to a new house in a new place is one of the most stressful situations in one person’s life.  The moving could occur due to many reasons like shifting to a new house, getting a new job in another city, etc. Generally, shifting to a new city and meeting new friends and neighbours brings more stress and anxieties for an adult, but think about your kids. Kids want to learn about their new surroundings and the house, as they feel a part of the relocation task and so it would not be so unfamiliar for them.

Talk to your kids in advance before the moving process and ensure that you allow them to share their feelings about their anxieties and fears. Advocate them to write a story or draw about what they are feeling in their mind. Provide them with details on their new city and go online or to the library to find out new things in their new city.  Show them the map through which route they’re shifting their households.

Know more about their new school they would be attending after their relocation. Look whether the school has an online website to collect more details about it. Make sure to let them find they can keep in contact with their family and old friends through e-mail or even letters. Let them take some decisions on the relocation and allow them find that all of their personal products can shift with them.

Allow them to decide on which items to relocate. Aid them to determine what to do with clothes and toys they’ve outgrown. Make them included when you have a garage sale. Tell them the moving method and how the relocation service providers like best Packers and Movers in Kochi (or in your area) would be packing and loading up their products in a “large” truck. Ensure to pack a “special bag” of things that they could keep with them so that they could feel secure and comfortable during the relocation.

Provide them with some activities to keep your kids busy and out of your way. When required, it is advised that kids should not be at home during the shifting day.  Try to plan for your kids to stay with your relative or a friend during their stressful and hectic day. Maintain the communication open during relocation, and that would help your family shifting to your new house and help your kids cope with the stressful relocation.


Shifting with Kids